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如果1973年有过类似网络日志的事情,the year Mom graduated from Southeast High School,她会nothave been voted"most likely to become a blogger."也许是她的门诺派祖先。Wonderful people,to be sure.But historically not the first group that comes to mind when you think of cutting edge technology.

别误会我。I think my Mom is hip.你永远猜不到她是一个刚满50岁的祖母。但她不是你的博客。我是说,如果你不得不从警察队伍中挑选有罪的博主,妈妈是第一个被你排除在外的人。

这是妈妈。当她拿到第一台电脑时,she kept all her information in one document.Seriously.一个文件。我不是开玩笑。这份庞大的文件包括健康记录,message outlines,weekly menus,Christmas lists,你命名的日记条目。这是所有文字文件中的奖南瓜。

从这些卑微的门诺派开始在弗吉尼亚州的乡村农场,to the virtual cusp of the information age is a momentous journey.One to be celebrated.Marveled at,真的?

All this to say: if our blog doesn't have the snappiest layout,or the wittiest posts,or the coolest pictures you'll be patient,won't you?This is a big step for Mom.

另外,if you know Mom,你知道她最快乐外部of the spotlight.她把自己的想法发布到万维网上的想法并非源于她。Rather,她被说服了。她之所以同意,是因为她有一颗为女性服务和鼓励的心,即使这意味着要跳出自己的舒适区。Her one request was that we take the leap with her.


这就是读圣经的地方,issues of life discussed,questions asked,opinions shared,hearts opened up,罪孽招供,and grace recognized.在这里,鼓励总是轻而易举的,笑声总是溢满的。It's where the gospel is prized.It's every day Titus 2.

So on behalf of Mom,Kristin,and Janelle,I want to invite you to pull up a chair and join our little chat.We'd love to have you,no matter your age or season of life.It's our hope that you'll have tons of fun on this new adventure with us!!