Friday Funnies

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for Carolyn,Kristin,and Janelle

"I taught Art in our Christian school.一年级和二年级在一起。My son Ethan was in the second grade.As I'm sitting at the table talking to them,one of the first graders goes into a long rambling story,very hard to follow.When he was done,my son turns to me and whispers,“这是我生命中的两分钟,我再也回不来了。”我不得不承认我也在想同样的事情!""



2006年下午3:12由Carolyn Mahaney拍摄 归档下书评和音乐评论

Surely we'd all agree—reading is a good thing.Yet many of us despair that we don't have 下载兴发pt首页登录time to read.But is that true??

Well,if I may be so bold,我建议我们的问题不是缺乏阅读时间,下载兴发pt首页登录but a lack of planning.And here is my justification for such an assertion.Two separate authors have recommended reading plans that I think even the busiest person would have to say,"I can do that.""

Donald Whitney encourages busy people to"每天抽出时间读一页下载兴发pt首页登录书。”He expands:

"这可能意味着在去洗手间的时候偷看一页,sitting in the car an extra two minutes at the end of the morning or evening commute,或者站在床边看书,然后在晚上撞到枕头上。通过每天读一页,你一年可以读365页,或者相当于两本完整的书。That may not sound like much,但这比根本不读书要好得多。”"

John Piper lets us in on his findings:

"我所做的最有帮助的发现之一是,每天20分钟的有纪律的区块能读多少。Suppose that you read slowly,像我一样兴发xf881手机版,一分钟说250个字。This means that in twenty minutes you can read 兴发xf881手机版about five thousand words.一本书平均每页有四百个字。兴发xf881手机版所以你可以在二十分钟内读完十二页半的兴发xf881手机版书。假设你每天20分钟都要训练自己去读某个作者或主题,six days a week,一年。That would be 312 下载兴发pt首页登录times 12.5 pages for a total of 3,900 pages.Assume that an average book is 250 pages long.This means you could read fifteen books like that in one year.""

Reading one page a day or reading 20 minutes a day.这是任何人都能做的计划!你不同意吗??


The Journaling Bible

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158134838xMike came home from work the other day with something I just have to tell y'all 兴发xf881手机版about.It looked like a thick journal.它是黑色的,有一条松紧带可以把它系紧。He opened it to show me,这是一本圣经!十字路口,the publisher that brings us the English Standard Version,创造了一个"日记圣经。”"This edition actually has lines in the margins where you can write.它非常适合45%的人。”带注释下划线”people.

十字路口网站给出了这个描述,"The Journaling Bible™ is a unique format with wide margins and ruled lines designed for writing prayers,observations,sermon notes,and personal reflections.It also includes a one-year Bible reading plan.""

Mike has come up with a unique plan for his Journaling Bible.He wants to fill the margins with his own reflections and pass it along to Caly someday.我无法想象给我的小女孩一个更好的礼物!!




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I am going to wager a guess that the 22 percent of"“餐巾”昨天的民意调查是由大学生组成的,工作过度的职业女性,还有带着孩子的妈妈们。在这段时间里,生活主要是为了下一次小睡,兴发xf881手机版书籍(你还没有被分配)可以很快开始收集灰尘。

但是有一本书我们不能把最伟大的书放在一边,圣经。When we talk 兴发xf881手机版about reading,there are really two categories: the Bible,以及其他一切。虽然人类伟大的作品确实反映了我们主的创造力,圣经里有上帝的话语.Wow.这就是诗篇作者恰当地滔滔不绝的原因,"他们比金子更可贵。sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb"(Psalm 19:10).

And that's why Horatius Bonar warns:"请注意,你对圣经的鉴赏力要高于其他的享乐。当你开始对其他书有更大的兴趣时,lay it down till you have sought deliverance from such a snare,又从圣灵那里得了浓稠的香料,对神的道有更强烈的胃口(耶15:16)。"

昨天我们收到一封温馨的电子邮件,内容是一位对上帝话语有强烈欲望的妇女。兴发xf881手机版Jayne writes that,"My Dad's favorite memory of his mother is of her kneading bread on the kitchen counter with her Bible open,dusted by the flour.她有11个孩子,每天都从头开始做全家人的面包。Money was in very short supply but her love of the Word was plentiful.Working within her limitations of strength,下载兴发pt首页登录time & duty,she found a way to fill her days with reading the Word.""

Similarly,Donald Whitney points tothe example of another woman谁的“对上帝事物的渴望达到了前所未有的高度”即使当“她的时间下载兴发pt首页登录和精力有了新的严重限制。”"

所以如果你发现自己生活在午睡之间,你对上帝话语的喜爱已经减弱,然后像诗人那样祈祷:“睁开我的眼睛,that I may behold wondrous things out of your law"(诗篇119:18)。然后你圣经和灰尘read.


Some Reading,Caly??

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It's been raining for days now.Not a normal experience for us Marylanders.虽然今天早上太阳终于出来了,所有这些湿透的感觉让我想蜷缩在温暖的空气中,用一本好书把沙发擦干。Add some hot tea,and it's perfect.

我把读书时间的想法告诉了卡利,下载兴发pt首页登录but I didn't receive the answer I was hoping for.雨对她和我的影响不一样。She is still looking for some undivided attention.好书和茶得等她在床上过夜……洗盘子……把房子弄直……米奇的衬衫熨好……

With the busyness of life,reading is hard to squeeze in.And it's easy to lose sight of its importance.But itimportant.我喜欢约翰·派珀的说法:“如果你想活在伟大、光荣、美丽和永恒的世界里,you will have to fight for 下载兴发pt首页登录time to look through the eyes of others who were in touch with God."这需要阅读,阅读需要努力。但这种努力会带来丰厚的回报。

So,welcome to reading week here at girltalk.接下来的几天我们将讨论这个愉快的消遣兴发xf881手机版。下载兴发pt首页登录And I thought it would be fun to start off with a little survey.We want to learn 兴发xf881手机版about the reading interests of our readers.So Nicole (the girltalk technical director) has set one up on the sidebar.Simply read the question and select the option that best describes your reading habits.我们明天将公布结果并进行新的投票。



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我们教会的一位年轻母亲最近得知,她未出生的孩子有一种严重的神经管缺陷,称为无脑。Barring a miracle,婴儿在子宫外没有存活的机会。

下面是她最近的一些思考,她很慷慨地允许我们发表。她非凡的信仰和永恒的视角必将把我们的眼睛转向天堂。Together with her,我们渴望有一天”He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,死亡不再是,neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore,因为从前的事已经过去了。”Revelation 21:4

We found out at our last doctor's appointment that we are having a baby boy!No names as of yet,but we will keep you posted.C was very active in the womb,但和这个小家伙相比什么都没有。当我从他猛踢中醒来时,elbows and jabs,我想他会很强壮的。我想,就像他的哥哥一样,他会喜欢跳舞、跑步和踢球。I love to imagine him running,unlike C constrained by mama's words of,‘no street,son,或者牵着妈妈的手,' or the fence in our backyard,我想象他在田野里奔跑,那是我想象不到的广阔而美丽。Colors so vibrant and alive,too beautiful for my meager mind to comprehend.我想象着他随着我和C从未听过的旋律跳舞。如此甜美的旋律,如此芬芳,太神奇了,breathing life into his soul.I imagine his smile (will he have a dimple like his brother?)will his eyes glisten,是蓝色的吗?!?I imagine him worshiping and dancing from day one,这件事花了C一年时间才弄明白……这个小家伙从一开始就要做。I imagine the day when I will be able to dance hand in hand with my son… not on his wedding day…but on a day more glorious and more special…the day when we will both be face to face with our Savior!!

想象我的小男孩现在在子宫里是多么的虚弱,我的心都碎了。But when he kicks me with such strength,I am reminded how in only a few short months he will be made new…no deformities,no weakness!!!I imagine how the Lord is going to use my son's strength for his glory and his purposes in Heaven.更使我喜乐的,是要知道耶和华的大能,必天天为他喜乐。How precious these moments are for me as a mommy,感受我儿子的内心。我对我的新儿子的爱随着每一次踢腿而增强。我知道我很快就会再次渴望这几天(就像他们中的一些人在身体上所经历的那样)。I am blessed with this 下载兴发pt首页登录time now that he is in my womb,for I know until ‘that day' comes when I will see him again,this is my 下载兴发pt首页登录time with my precious little boy!请祈祷我珍惜每一个人。


A Senior Challenge

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Congrats to all of you who graduated this month!!

Every May our youth ministry has"Senior Challenge Night."On this evening the graduating seniors get a chance to publicly address their underclassmen.他们有五分钟的时间来挑战他们,让他们为上帝度过高中时光。A few of these seniors addressed theCovenant Life Church会众和我们在这里包括了他们的话。

父母,你可能会考虑在你的青少年中使用这些。But you don't have to be anywhere near high school to benefit from these truths.

今天有很多人把“青少年时代”归为叛逆和愚蠢的时期;以“发现自己”为特征,下载兴发pt首页登录“年轻人下载兴发pt首页登录只能与同龄人交往,a 下载兴发pt首页登录time of understandable disobedience of authorities,我们下载兴发pt首页登录没有责任感,和你父母做朋友的时候真的很奇怪。This is clearly not the way that God characterizes our teenage years in the Bible.多读。

如果你问我:“你高中时代最重要的恩典是什么?”我会说,without hesitating,that my parents have been the greatest means of grace in my life.多读。

欺骗性是青少年容易陷入的陷阱,and it is this very trap that I fell into in my teen years.多读。

Aside from our salvation,this church is one of the greatest blessings that God has given us,and I believe that it is only right to give thanks to Him for it.他在我高中四年来一直向我展示的一件事就是不要把教会视为理所当然。多读。

There exists a temptation for all of us,and especially us youth,to allow the phrase.‘living in light of eternity' to become a cliché.I want to ask all the youth a question: What could be more important than being ready for the moment you die,the moment that mist disappears??多读。


Friday Funnies

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刚吃完一堆饭菜,this Friday Funnies from Shannon hits close to home.

"While visiting my sister,I was talking with my niece,Cosette,侄子,作记号,年龄8岁和5岁。They started singing the Bob the Builder song (if you have small children,then you should know what I'm talking 兴发xf881手机版about).They started making up a song 兴发xf881手机版about themselves.Cosette started singing ‘Cosette the singer…can she sing it?是的,她会!马克开始唱“马克比萨制造商……他能做吗?”Yes he can!' (he wants to be a pizza maker when he grows up).然后我问我们能为妈妈唱些什么……他们都兴奋地跳起来开始唱……“洗兴发xf881手机版碗机妈妈……她能洗吗?”是的,她会!' I 兴发xf881手机版about died laughing!""

for Carolyn,Nicole,克里斯廷


RoutineTalk: Some Concluding Remarks

2006年10:01,Carolyn Mahaney著 归档下Motherhood|Parenting Young Children

As we draw this series to a close,我们想留给你一些想法:

-计划表是用来服务的,不规则。When it doesn't serve,dismiss it.把它放在一边,稍后再拿回来。

-必须依靠上帝来执行时间表。It can greatly enhance our mothering,but it can never eliminate our need for God's help.

-A schedule should be implemented humbly.We must avoid being self-righteous and judgmental in our communication 兴发xf881手机版about mothering practices.我们也必须避免罪恶地评判其他女人,他们是自以为是的和有判断力的。In many cases they may simply be trying to help.


-时间表不是我们最重要的事情。兴发xf881手机版Remember D.A.卡森警告:

"今天,许多基督徒认为自己是一个“单一问题”(一个源自政治的概念),而不是十字架,other than the gospel.不是他们否认福音。If pressed,他们将坚决支持。But their point of self-identification,the focus of their minds and hearts,what occupies their interest and energy is something else"(The Cross and Christian Ministry,P.63)。"

The gospel—and not a schedule—should always be what we're most passionate 兴发xf881手机版about.And this isa suggestion.


RoutineTalk: For School-Age Children

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每学年初和暑假开始时,,I create a new schedule for Chad.然后我和他坐下来,全面解释新计划,answer all his questions,and consider any reasonable requests for modification.时间表已经准备好了。几乎。For I've learned that what looks good on paper doesn't always work in real life.在日程表开始有效工作之前,需要进行一些微调。

"有效地通常只持续几周,before more conversation is needed.The schedule is tweaked where necessary and we're back on track.Just when things are running smoothly a holiday or vacation arrives and wipes out the schedule completely.我们又回到一号广场。


Yes!原因很多。但也许最重要的是,它减少了唠叨。It prods on my behalf.时间表告诉查德他需要做什么,when he needs to do it,and how long it should take to complete.As the mother of a teenage son,任何最小化持续提醒和不间断命令的方法都是值得的。因为更少的唠叨意味着有更多的时间来欢笑,下载兴发pt首页登录affection and special mother-son conversations.

So,不是一直唠叨,let your schedule do the talking.到目前为止,我希望你知道just a suggestion.