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"我们所有人,男人和女人,被一个理想化了青春和身体美的世界所影响。在这样的世界里,感觉就像我们的外表决定了我们的命运。But that is not true.是上帝统治着所有的男人和女人。He has determined our looks and our marital status.

We must shift our focus by fixing our trust not on our appearance or men's expectations of beauty,but on God who directs our lives.身体美没有最后一句话,一个人的理想美也没有最后一句话。上帝的意志决定一切。”"




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Something Needs to Change

Having tried unsuccessfully to squash the excessive drinking of sweet sodas,纽约市市长迈克尔布隆伯格去年秋天离任前发起了一场新的竞选活动。他的目标是通过广告牌提升年轻女孩的自尊心,ads,以及课后课程。信息:“你就是这样美丽。”"

几个月前,the Dove skincare company celebrated the tenth anniversary of their"真正的美在一部短片中,母亲和女儿们为了在艺术展上展示自己而进行的一场运动。change the way people think 兴发xf881手机版about beauty.""

As the self-esteem crisis among young women intensifies,因此,努力寻找治愈方法。虽然有充分的理由对广告宣传活动持健康的怀疑态度,或对公共资助项目的价值提出合理的质疑,兴发xf881手机版我们都同意:有问题。

我能说出事实和数字,但我不需要,do I?We all know young girls who are struggling as they grow up in a world with an impossible standard of beauty.更让我们绝望的是,我们还没有处理好自己的美貌斗争。正如一位母亲写给我们的:When I try to talk with [my daughter] 兴发xf881手机版about true beauty,I stumble over my words because I have a hard 下载兴发pt首页登录time with the subject myself.""


At one level,基督教徒对来自多夫的善意运动的信息产生共鸣,布隆伯格and others,for we believe in the dignity and the beauty of every human being as created in the image of God.We abhor the shame,discrimination,and poor self-image that are a consequence of our culture's obsession with beauty.


更重要的是,为什么基督徒的生活不好?为什么我们要和下一个女人一样深而难对付的美作斗争?Why doesn't the church seem to have a clear and compelling answer for the world's beauty crisis??

For far too long,the church has been content with partial truths and platitudes 兴发xf881手机版about beauty.We've tried to tack"基督”on the end of worldly solutions and called them"克里斯蒂安。”Or we think we have tried Scripture's answers and found them wanting.一个女人写信给我们,"请不要以你的书为根据1 Peter 3:4"兴发xf881手机版关于一个温柔安静的灵魂。"This verse,misapplied in my life,left me very confused,受伤了,and hidden for almost fifteen years.""


但经文一直在讲关于美的真理。兴发xf881手机版耶稣基督的福音是唯一能深入到我们美丽问题的核心并解决我们身体形象问题的信息,big and small.

As we write in our book,,真美:

只有上帝的话语才能保证美如超自然般令人满意,可达到的和持久的;祝福而不诅咒的美;a beauty that is precious,不值一提,that leads to happiness instead of heartache;当你变得更加美丽的时候,美丽也会变得更加美丽。Scripture is true and tells the truth.It alone reveals true beauty.





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今天请和我们一起在最高法院为爱好游说和他们的案件祈祷。从Russell Moore:

This week,美国最高法院将在一代人中审理最重要的宗教自由案件,而且它的下载兴发pt首页登录time for us to pray.这些案例是爱好游说商店和康内斯托加木制品专卖店,而美国政府规定雇主为避孕提供保险,灭菌,以及人工流产药物。这背后是一个更大的问题,即宪法保障宗教自由行使意味着什么。


So let's pray that the Court listens to the case being made.让我们为法官祈祷吧。Let's pray for the attorneys.Let's pray,正如使徒保罗所吩咐我们的,for"所有身居高位的人,让我们过上平静的生活,godly and dignified in every way"(1提姆。2:2)。

Read the entire article.



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"《圣经》讲的是我们每个人的美,兴发xf881手机版whether we have failed to stick with our new diet or been conned into buying another worthless anti-aging cream;whether we feel guilty for our weekend shopping spree,or embarrassed by a bad hair day;不管我们是虚荣的还是自私自利的,或者厌倦了我们的不安全感。在我们与美的斗争中,无论是唠叨还是消费,God has provided the wisdom that we need in his eternal Word.经文告诉我们什么是美,如何变得真正的美。首先,圣经揭示了我们美丽的救世主,who had ‘no beauty that we should desire him' (Isa.53:2) but who hung bloodied on a cross for the ugliest of our sins.

耶稣基督的福音确实救赎了一切,包括美丽。它确实触及到了“如果我能得到照顾”的核心,并且照顾它。Our beauty crisis is no match for the truth of God's Word.""

~True Beauty,p。23



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The女歌手本周欢迎新宝宝!不,你没有错过任何怀孕的消息。但是这次送货preceded by many months of aches and pains,以及相当艰苦和漫长的劳动。今天,我非常兴奋地宣布她的到来。Her name is真美她有128页长。

We hope and pray this book will help many women to see through our culture's lies 兴发xf881手机版about beauty and to find freedom,乔伊,以及耶稣基督福音中的真正美。

你可以order now,或者去crossway.org阅读摘录from the book.

"And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us.""诗篇90:17



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