Going Out and Coming In

2016年9:23下午9:23,Nicole Whitacre Filed under圣经中的女性身份|Trusting God

""The Lord will keep you从所有的邪恶;he will keep your life.上帝会让你出去 your

coming in from this 下载兴发pt首页登录time forth and forevermore.""(诗篇121:7—8,ESV)

"To be kept from all evil does not imply a cushioned life,but a well-armed one.The psalm ends with a pledge which could hardly be stronger or more sweeping.


going out and your coming in is not only a way of saying ‘everything';it draws attention to one's ventures and enterprises and the home which remains one's base;to pilgrimage and return;to the dawn and sunset of one's days.But the last line takes good care of this journey.It would be hard to decide which half of it is the more encouraging: the fact that it starts from now,or that it runs on,not to the end of 下载兴发pt首页登录time but to time without end;like God Himself who is my portion for ever."~Derek Kidner